Happy New Year 2023!

We hope that this newsletter finds you well after a Christmas break of joy and time spent with family and friends. We hope your New Year resolutions are still intact and the year of the Rabbit will bring you great tidings.

The Year of the Tiger

Some things did not change – as of today (10th January,) BTC/USD is the same price of $41,500 as of a year ago and Covid still dominates the news and our daily lives. Some things did change greatly; the geopolitical map of crypto shifted profoundly from China to the West, NFT’s became ‘the new thing’ and after 20 years, $3 Trillion and 4 Presidents, the USA replaced the Taliban with the Taliban.

Lying Flat

“The restaurant is shut because we can not hire staff” apologised the manager of a smart hotel in Porto. This piqued my interest as I have never in my life heard this before.

Onchain and Technicals Panel APAC Summit October 2021

Welcome to the panel discussion about application of multidisciplinary approach to the cryptocurrency investing. Our CEO, James Cox was invited…

Happy 9th Birthday Taipan

Taipan Trading and Investments Pte Ltd was registered in Singapore on 6/10/2012. TTI had humble beginnings as a self funded, after work project to see if Technical Analysis could be applied to Bitcoin (there were no other cryptos then.)

Protected: Mamacos Ratio

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Protected: Pactolus Overview

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The Great Reset

“In the future you will own nothing and be happy”.

Fiat’s 50th Birthday

On 15th August 1971, President Nixon ended the convertability of the USD into gold in order to prevent the run on the US gold reserves from foreign governments, most notably De Gaulle’s France.

El Salvador Adopts Bitcoin

El Salvador became the first country in the world to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender after 62 out of 84 congressmen approved President Bukele’s proposal.

Financial Supernova

My mother received her bank statement from LLoyd’s this month to discover that she received an interest payment of 28 pence – almost enough to buy a free range egg.

Bitcoin Dominance Index

I had a Greek dinner on the weekend with a lawyer of a cryptocurrency firm who told me in all seriousness he did not ever intend to sell his BTC, but rather he intended to lend it out and live off the interest once it was over a million dollars, causing me to choke on my tzatziki.

The Dominos are falling

It does not matter if you are talking about gold, dollars or cowrie shells, all forms of money are temporary mass hallucinations. 

How much is Bitcoin worth? My best guess is ‘yes.’

A New Year and a new President in the White House. On a personal note, I prefer Biden to Trump as a human and am probably not alone in this. In terms of the markets, I still prefer Biden.

Goodbye Mr. Lee

An obituary for Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, 1923 -2015. Lee Kuan Yew, the founding father of modern Singapore, died this early this Monday morning 23rd March 2015 in Singapore General Hospital, aged 91. It is difficult to think of another man who spent more of his life building a country.

‘Real’ Estate

True Story – The gentleman was large, confident and amicable. He listened patiently whilst I explained why, given that he had not paid rent for two months he should move out. He sympathized with how he was causing me unfair expense and inconvenience.

2015: The Year of the Goat

Gong Xi Fa Cai! This month saw the greatest human migration of all time. During Chinese New Year hundreds of millions of people joined their families to celebrate the Lunar New Year, enjoy a feast and most importantly of all – rejoice in each other’s company.

“Whatever it takes”

Having kindly picked me up from Heathrow Airport just before Christmas, my brother pulled into a petrol station to fill up his car. Having seen that the petrol price had in fact gone down from an outrageous £1.30 to a less punishing £1.22 per litre he audibly exhaled with relief.

The Internationalization of the Chinese Renminbi

Many of you may have read in the news that a particular country has established an offshore trading center for the Chinese currency the Renminbi. Recently, Singapore became South East Asia’s RMB trading hub and last week Toronto became North America’s.

Look to Japan for a glimpse of the future

My friend Ishida San recently enlightened me as to a widely held Japanese belief. He whole heartedly approved of my theory that the Japanese and the English are somehow cultural cousins; as island nations, they are both fanatical about tea, being polite, gardening, social hierarchy and prone to invading other nations.

Gold Save the Queen

For the first time since George III in 1781, a British Monarch attended a British Government Cabinet meeting on the 13 December 2012, in accordance with Queen Elizabeth II’s wishes in her Diamond Jubilee year. She also visited the Bank of England vaults.

The Global Liquidity Pyramid

In the previous article we introduced the concept of the Liquidity Pyramid. In short, more liquid less risky assets sit at the bottom of an inverted pyramid whilst more risky, less liquid assets sit at the top of the pyramid. The creator of the Liquidity Pyramid, John Exter, placed Gold and Silver at the bottom of the liquidity pyramid because it is a form of wealth that has no counter party risk and for which there has always held value.

Bitcoin Versus Gold

If you are reading this article you are almost certainly familiar with the fact that the life expectancy of any fiat currency is 27 years. Any given monetary system has a lifespan of 30-40 years.

Silver Is Money Too

The world’s most powerful banker understood that gold sits at the bottom of the inverted “liquidity pyramid”.

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